Uzumaki - Spiral

An accidental result while copying equations to draw with turtle.
It feels like the spiral in horror manga by Junji Ito

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// You can find the Turtle API reference here:

// Global code will be evaluated once.
const turtle = new Turtle();

const xfreq=2;    
const xphrase=0.5;  //min=0 max=1 step=0.1
const damping=0.01; //min=0.01 max=0.1 step=0.01

const yfreq=-2;
const yphrase=0.7;  //min=0.1 max=1 step=0.1

const iteration=10000;


function getxcoor(t){
    var x;
    x = Math.sin(t*xfreq)*(-1*damping*t);
    return x;
function getycoor(t){
    y = Math.sin(yfreq*(t+yphrase))*(-1*damping*t);
    return y;
// The walk function will be called until it returns false.
function walk(i) {
    var time=i*10;
    return i+1 < iteration;